Family Support Services

A Partnership of Families and Professionals

Family Support Services provides a network of services for individuals and families who are experiencing the unique challenges that living with an intellectual or developmental disability can bring.  Services are tailored to the individual and family’s needs, changing as needed throughout an individual’s life, and are based on the insights, experiences and choices of the individual and the family, with respect to their culture and community. 

  • Respite - short-term temporary care for children or adults by a trained provider. The individual and the family choose how services are used.
  • Respite Home – short-term care in a beautiful, accessible house in Albuquerque’s northeast heights. This service provides an opportunity for an individual to enjoy time away from their caregiver and develop new relationships.
  • Family Living – an agreement with a natural or surrogate family to provide a home for an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability. The individual along with the family provider form a partnership to determine goals and appropriate strategies for reaching them.
  • Customized In-Home Supports - a service designed to instruct and enhance living skills, community skills and to address health and safety as needed.
  • Customized Community Supports - a one on one service that is tailored to provide participation and integration in the community, base off of the individuals personal goals.

Individuals accessing these services must meet the eligibility requirements for the Medicaid Developmental Disabilities Waiver.