Green Initiatives

We love purple, but we think green!

Alta Mira continues to be committed to making our workplace as environmentally responsible as possible.  Our initiatives continue to grow!

  • Thanks to a partnership with Consolidated Solar Technologies and Technology Credit Corporation, our solar array is up and functioning in the New Mexico sunshine.  CST provided the equipment and Technology Credit Corporation provided the funding for this project! The power meter for our Manzano building is running BACKWARDS! Our solar panels are operating and we are generating power! See how much energy we are producing and how much CO2 we are avoiding here!
  • Our recycling program, continues to grow. We dare you to find much, if any, paper, cardboard, plastic or aluminum going into our trash. If it’s recyclable, we’re doing it. Thanks to our partnership with Adelante’s Document Destruction Services, who provide us with the containers and haul them off to take the recycled items to the next step in the process.  
  • Through a generous grants from PNM Fund, a division of the PNM Resources Foundation, we have replaced the windows on the second floor of our early intervention program building. The new windows are energy efficient and we’ve already seen savings in our energy consumption, not to mention the increased comfort of those who spend time in the building.
  • Also, through the generosity of the PNM Fund, we’ve replaced our old light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL bulbs in all our buildings lamps and free-standing lighting fixtures. The new bulbs require less energy and last several years longer than traditional bulbs.
  • We’ve installed dispensing machines for soap and paper towels in our facility restrooms. Paper usage has decreased as a result.

The most surprising thing we’ve learned as we continue to move toward greater self-sufficiency is that it’s just not that hard to do. So, we’re challenging you to do the same in your own home or business.